Nannini & Quintero Advogados Associados.


The firm NANNINI E QUINTERO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS started its activities in 1995, since then, it has been providing assistance to business customers in various fields of activity, ready to adjust its actuation to the different cycles of the Brazilian economy.

Headquarters in the district of Jardim América, NANNINI E QUINTERO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS has new highly automated installations, which enables constant and immediate monitoring of clients process appealed to all the Brazilian courts.



Whenever there is an identification of the mean values between two renewed lawyer banks, the result could not be better than the association in benefit of the clients.

Thinking about making some future improvements, NANNINI E QUINTERO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, which has a headquarter in São Paulo/SP and the firm JOBIM ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, headquarters in Porto Alegre/RS, Santa Maria/RS and Caxias do Sul/RS, have started working together from now on, in a way that they will attend their clients with a multidisciplinary team, providing assistance in every field of law in Brazil.